Tough Reality…

It’s Jaimie again… I am going to be brief here and leave out a lot of details, sorry in advance.

As most of you have probably heard, we are headed down a tough road. On September 28th mom was put on Palliative Care, which means they were coming to the house to assist with medications and evaluate her situation. Wednesday the nurse came because she was in a lot of pain, feeling really nauseous, not eating, sleeping around the clock and filling with fluid again. We took her back to the hospital where they admitted her again.

At this point, all they can do for her is manage her pain and relieve her symptoms. This is called “comfort care”, meaning they are not preventing anything, prolonging anything or hasting anything.

She had a very rough Thursday and Friday and lots of family coming to visit because at this point, we just don’t know how long she has.

Saturday we fought with the hospital to get her pain meds up’d and to have her drained because she was so uncomfortable. They finally managed to put her on a drip of her pain meds for a continuous flow instead of a rush every 2 hours and then it wearing off because they couldn’t stay ahead of the pain. At 9pm she finally went in for the procedure to be drained. Sunday, she and my dad decided, it was time come home (on hospice), but not before making it to Jacob’s First Birthday Party. She surprised me and everyone else at the party by showing up, she lasted just a little over an hour for pictures and socialized with everyone. It was the best day for me in a long long time.

As of Sunday, hospice is now managing her care, they brought all the necessary equipment for her while she is home. She has a nurse who visits 3 times a week or more as needed and a doctor who is her attending physician while on hospice. Today, when the doctor came to see her, he told us that she could have one day, or a few or possibly up to a few weeks. Nobody can be certain.

What I will say, is that anyone who knows my mom knows how hard she fought and knows how hard it is to watch her suffer. I just don’t want her to feel one more ounce of pain for even one more minute.

On behalf of my mom and my dad, I want to say thank you for thinking of our family, and praying for healing and comfort for my mom. For those of you who want to “help”, the only thing we could really use at this time is help with meals. It is difficult to care for my mom and manage day to day tasks and remember to plan meals for the kids.

There is a calendar here if you would like to sign up…

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We love you all!

❤ Jaimie