And The Fight Continues

Since my last update I have had 3 rounds of chemo and with that they have now added another step in this battle. I now take Neupogen shots everyday for 6 days starting on the Saturday after my week of chemo. These daily shots help to regenerate my White Blood Cells and allows my body to not dip in to the low #’s preventing me from treatment. The draw back is that I am in some pretty significant pain for a couple of the days that I am taking them. The pain I experience is a deep bone pain so I take pain meds to help combat that.

As for the new chemo treatments the side effects seem to be sticking around a lot longer than they did after my first round. I have experienced neuropathy in my fingers, toes and in my mouth. Because of this side effect I am unable to eat or drink anything cold with ice or any of my favorites things. I have experienced a very weird taste and food just isn’t the same for me.

I try to push myself to do things as I can, as I get a little depressed when my mind is motivated and my body is not! Seems though that for everyday I do push and might over do I find that I need to have 2 days to recover!! However I want to live in the now and continue to be with the kids and Geoff doing what I am able so when the body says to stop I have to listen and just rest…

I have such a wonderful husband he has been so great in picking up and taking care of the household and the kids. I know that this has also been difficult for him as he is still working fulltime and handling such a huge load! He handles everything but there are times when I just wished I had the energy to be more of a help. I know he misses my cooking and taking care the meals!! Recently a new calendar was setup my Marla Sheik not sure if you have the link but if anyone that lives close to us is willing to help with meals here and there I know he would really appreciate it as would I. Here is the link and the passcodes.

To access Diane Gibson’s personal CareCalendar site,
visit and enter
the following information in the appropriate spaces:

CALENDAR ID : 152720

I have such a huge support system and you all continue to pray for me and I am so grateful for all that and the love that you show me through the notes, emails and phone calls. It means so much to me!!!!

I continue to have a strong and determined attitude. I will not give into this cancer or into this fight!!!!!

Until next time…

❤ Diane


3 thoughts on “And The Fight Continues

  1. Hi Diane thinking of you. I had a question regarding the meals. As you know I dont live, close but are there places you guys like to eat that deliver? If so please list and then I will sign up on the care cal.

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