Update 5.30.13

I again want to apologize to you for not posting anything since the beginning of May!

After my treatment on May 1, the next week I was due to have another round however  I was not able to since my white cell count was really low. Being low means they aren’t able to continue until they come up.  My doctor decided to postpone for one week and see what my counts were then. Unfortunately, that next week it wasn’t the white blood cells but my platelets that were extremely low and if they dropped much lower than I would need to have a transfusion. So again he postponed my treatment.  On May 17th I had a CT scan and anxiously awaited the results.

Geoff and I received the call on Tuesday evening from my Dr. He had been waiting to get all of the data together and reviewed with Dr. Yuan from City of Hope. She was the doctor we saw for our 2 opinion. She still is not convinced that where my cancer started was in the breast. She and her team are still thinking that is has something to do with my GI tract. The news that we were given was not exactly what I was hoping for however it really wasn’t that bad!   The Cancer has not spread,(PRAISE GOD) although there has been some growth of the tumors on the liver but minutely. Doctor didn’t seem to concerned about that he was however concerned with the fact that my blood counts are not bouncing back quickly which is delaying my treatment!  The doctors decided that what course I was on wasn’t really working even with missing 2 different treatments. They have decided to put me on a whole new regiment this consists of going every other week I had my first treatment last Wednesday and was there for approximately 4hrs and received 2 different medications that have to be given together over 2 1/2 hrs. Then I have given a boost of another medication over a 10 minute period, once that was complete then I was sent home with a pump of the same medication to be administered over 46hrs. This treatment plan has a name it is called FOLFOX. This is known to be a treatment used for Colon Cancer.  Doctor said to me that it is a more aggressive treatment and it works on all Cancer’s in that region.

With this new regimen comes new side effects. I am not allowed to have anything cold to eat or drink in the first 5 days after treatment as this can cause my esophagus to close and have breathing issues. Neuropathy is another side effect and its pretty intense! I experienced that the first night! Touching anything that is cold or frozen sends a feeling of tingling or electricity through my hands. I have been told that I really need to wear gloves when reaching into for anything out of the fridge. That’s a hard one to get use too. Then there are the effects that I had before loss of hair, being tired and lack of energy. It literally took from Wed to Monday to finally feel like I was able to get up and around. I pray and hope that this treatment plan works. I noticed that I am still experiencing a few pains here and there and that is different than the last regimen. Once I had treatment that pains would go away. I meet with my Dr again before the 3rd round and will discuss all the questions I am sure to have by then!!!

After this first round and seeing it take me down for almost 5 days Geoff and I would like to ask for help again with meals if anyone would like to help us again. This is just one area that is such a HUGE help to our family as I was the primary cook.

I will do my best to try an update this more regularly!!

With love,

Until next time…



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